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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Enough playing...

makin bersawang nampaknya blog aku ni..
perlu di update kn selalu...

kurang rencah n rempah ratus..
apa boleh buat, hidup bujang..
mane la reti masak2 nie..

Sem2 0809 bakal tiba..
aku xde mud lg nk masuk klas..
nk cuti lagi..

my mom x bg sebarang projek lgsg..
even result ok..
tp wtpe kn join projek..
x masuk pointer pon..
xde graduate dgn projek nye..

makan pasir la nt klu x dpt keje..
itu kata org dewasa..
absolutely right..

sem2 nt..
jadual kelas penuh..
isnin - khamis ada kelas awal 8 pg..
jumaat je free..

GAMBATE utk sume mahasiswa..

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Welcome Back

Segala puji-pujian dipanjatkan kepada ALLAH SWT...
atas segala kejayaan,keselamatan,kesihatan yg baik..
sepanjang menjalani fieldwork selama 2 minggu...

Dr Ng Tham Fatt n Prof Teh..
Shukran Jaziilan..
Gud Lectures..
We collect a lot of gold..
we will come again to the gold mine..

Dr Iskandar..
Tq very2 much..
sbb naik bus instead of vans..
i never thought this person like anime..

Penjom Gold Mine..
Rahman Hydraulic tin mine..
BEH minerals sdn bhd..

Out of all places to stay..
I would choose Mentakab..
Guyz.. Do U all agree?

In Mentakab..
Hotel Murah..
Servis Baik punyer..
Pasar every evenings..
KFC,McD,Pizza Hut,7E..
ATM machines of many Banks..
Cyber Cafe..
Mamak Stalls..

huh..what a great place after KL..
Sape x reti main CS..
bleh main sniper yer..
macam aku...

Jln2 Cari batu..
Batu apa tue?
Ketuk dulu baru tahu..
xnampak gak batu apa?
USe Ur HandLens lorr..
Ha..U see..

1st week...
semangat ni nk fiedtrip..
Perak and Pahang..
merentas Kelantan..
Geology Economy..
kamu sume jgn buat hal sendiri dibelakang saya..
apa mahu buat mesti bagi tahu saya..
after this we will go to here n there...bla bla bla...

2nd week...
No holiday for Raya Korban..
Bang Bang Boom..accident happens in front of our very own eyes..
Moral of Story: No fieldwork in Raya Korban...People will be Qurban,Not the Cow..
Jgn baling2 batu,kecik2 mak x ajar ker..
jgn ketuk batu tue..
I dont care if someone left over at RnR or being PENYEK by lorries..

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

On Fieldtrip..


mmg best jln2 tempat org..
tp ada susah gak..

sekejap hujan..
sekejap panas..

mmg berjemur mcm ikan kering..

ada peristiwa ngeri berlaku di hdpn kami sume..

accident happen...???

Friday, November 28, 2008

TruTh of MouTh

"The mouth is one of the most sensitive areas of the body and can give us a great deal of pleasure, but it can also be the source of much discomfort when things go wrong."
-Expert Mouth-

"Word of mouth is often called the most powerful form of advertising. But the concept perplexes many small businesses. What is it? How does it work? Can it be controlled?"
-Jackie Huba-

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Geo Fieldwork: Here We Go

Dalam sedap2 cuti ni..
teringat plak dgn fieldwork kami yg akan datang..
1 - 15 december 2008
kawasan meliputi Tapah Perak ke Selangor ke Jerantut Pahang..
melihat kpd tempoh yg begitu lama (2 minggu),
kemungkinan besar memakan belanja sebanyak RM500 keatas..
Tambang bas (FREE), Makan Minum n Penginapan sendiri tanggung..

Apa la agaknye yg perlu aku bawa kali ni..?

1. Hammer..
Bukan sebarang tukul. nak pecahkan batu2 utk sampel. kite perlukan jenis ini..
2. Laptop + Maxis Broadband
walaupun duk tengah2 hutan or pekan2, kebosanan yg ada boleh diisi dgn bermain games. tidak lupa juga waktu utk daftar subjek (bermula 1 dec 08 utk 3rd year) . kalau signal broadband x kuat, aku campak masuk longkang.

3. Jeans
jgn bawak seluar yg mudah koyak yer. jeans is the best,even its hot outside..

4. Long Sleeves Tshirts & Sun Block
this one will come to protect your hand skins. if you dont want to see a zebra crossing on your body. Use Banana boat Sun Block with suitable spf..

5. Shoes
Kasut terbaik adalah penting utk keselesaan ketika membuat kerja kuat dan lasak. huhuhu.. I must get one..

6. Golden screen Cinema
hahahha..bukannya aku nk bawak GSC pi fieldwork, tetapi aku akan abeskn tonton filem yg BEST2 di GSC sebelum aku terputus drp dunia ini utk ke fieldwork. hohoho..

MADagasCar : I Like to Move It MOVE IT...!!!
sudah selesai tonton..aku suke watak PINGU nie tricky n smart..

BoLt : Canon Ball Launched..!!!
Belom tonton lg.. when..???

7. Geology Hat
last but not least, geology hat..ada yg beli topi berbunga2 la plak kn..aku suke topi harrison ford nie..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What is Your Line..? I have made mine

Between TWO lines..
which one would U probably choose..?

If U have a new year semester..
and U actually wanna strive for that..
In the other line..
U have a skill to polished..

A skill that developed..
through projects organizing..
I guess..

Which One would U choose..?
How is your Decision..?

I have made mine..
Whats Yours..???

GEO Boyz Day Out : Ulu Yam

What a relief after a hard time with exams..
The Geo boyz do have something in mind..
to let out from stressed city..
and go for a nice n peace of ulu yam..

( what about you Gurlz..? Have something to share..? )

Just morning before the trip
at MAMAK stall
with Abnormals

A hanging bridge...
above a river..
not a hanging wall guyz..

The first van arrived...
Azri, Yazid, Tenang, Shahezy, Dayat, Alip, Ehsan, Shukor, Kaka
these guyz set up a firework..
and make BBQ of chickens..

not to forget Baked Corns..
also Sugar Cans ( tebu da..)

Second car arrived..
Me (Aqil), Syahmi, Adib, Abu, Mahran
the air so cool, just down the window..
freeze your bones..

Jump n swim in the river..
splashing waters..

Watch Out for These Crocordiles.
They merely Dangerous.
To Guyz Only.


Oh No..
Just Geologists..
trying to stand up an up- side-down stones..

Being delighted with a music..
tapped from the strings of guitar..
by Shahezy

Sing and songs..
with the Geoboyz n Noxz..
by Yazid

Oh Hell Noxz..
these freaking photoshoots..
not the american next top model..

A very long stairs down and up...

Feel of exhausted..
a bed will go just fine..
Zzz till tomorrow

Saturday, November 15, 2008

ThiNk The OppoSitE...It MighT HeLp

I Wish..

I wish means:wouldn't it be nice if...
If U always make the right decision,the safe decision,the one most people make,you will be the same as everyone else.
Always wishing life was different.

I Want..

I want means: if i want it enough i will get it.

Getting what you want means making the decisions you need to make to get what you want.
Not the decision those around you think you should make.
The unsafe decision causes you to think and respond in away you hadn't thoughts of.
And that thoughts will lead you to other thoughts which will help you achieve what you want.


You cant afford the house of your dreams.
That's why it is the house of your dreams.
So either find a way of getting it,or be satisfied with dissatisfaction.

Decisions x3..

When you look back there will be things yo will regret.
You made the wrong decision.
You made the right decision.
Life is about decisions.
Whatever decision you make is the only one you could make.
Otherwise you would make a different one.
Everything we do we choose.
So what there is to regret?
You are the person you choose to be.

Do it, Then fix it as you Go...

Too many people spend too much time trying to perfect something before they actually do it.
Instead of waiting for perfection,run with what you've got, and fix it as you go.

Source of Reference:


Friday, November 14, 2008

Last Paper Exam

Akhirnya Sem 1 (2008) telah sampai penghujungnye..
Subjek terakhir exam hanya geochem..
susah tetapi ada kefahaman..
harap2 boleh jawab..
kul 11.30 pg nanti..

Aku hendak mengucapkn jutaan terima kasih kepada rakan2 geology...
kerana banyak mengajar diriku yang bodoh nie n selalu ponteng kelas..
diskusi pass yer n problem sets,kongsi nota sgt membantu...

Seandainya ada rezeki yg dimurahkn,seandainya ada paper yg dpt 'A'...
InsyaALLAH ada yg rezeki mereka dimurahkn...

Tidak lupa juga kpd Rumate,Abg acap n Hafiz Singapore..
kepada Guru Shuk sbg penasihat akademik aku..
setiausaha sulit,Nadia Salehuddin..
yg menyokong perjuangan akademik aku pd Sem ini..

6Nov-Geology Structure <>
11Nov-Sedmentology Chemistry <>
13Nov-Petrology Igneus <>
14Nov-Sedimentology Clastic <>
15Nov-Geochemistry <>

Thursday, November 13, 2008

OASIS in One Utama

What a Great Scene...
Just How would U think..
If an OASIS is in a Building..
One Utama is a great place to be..
Me n Nadia..
pluz Acap n Zaff..
shopping for Raya..
what a long walk..

<Since exam Sem1 had finished,when is our next program>

Monday, November 10, 2008

Lets Get 3.00 Pointer...!!! and ABOVE..!!!

This video will surely make U have a spirit n termination to work hard on your revision for the exams take a look n enjoy it..huhuhu





just for fun guyz..

FunnY 1.oo PM

zohor td...

aku pi surau 4th..

terserempak dgn Junaidi..

Hye AnGelfiRe..
eh...AngelFIRE ke FireANGLE...?
sapa Juni..

its AngelFire..
kalau FireAngel..
abes la Angle tue terbakar..

<<<solat itu penting..jgn tinggalkn solat..solat itu membina disiplin dlm hidup..>>>

MeaNs of StriKinG yoUr oWn BarriEr...???

  • at 1st aku dgr ayat nie dr GENERAL command & Conquer..
  • aku gune utk self motivation..
  • so dpt la aku kuatkn diri n concentrate utk study..
  • projek2 kolej nie tolak tepi..
  • kelas tue penting..jgn ponteng..
  • malas2 pon kene pi gak..
  • tp satu jer masalah..klu tido lewat n bgun hard..
  • assignment kene siap awal n htr...
  • tiap2 minggu kena revise notes..
  • lengkapkn note..xmo malas2..
  • xphm..tanye kwn2..mintak tlg ajarkn..
  • Striking Ur Own Barrier...Get out of the barrier...New person..
  • masalah ORANG BODOH adalah PEMALAS..just like OLD Me..
  • so skang aku tulis post kt blog gune ayat itu..
  • huhuhu =D
>>>ada paper sedimentology chemistry kul 8.30 pg nt...GudLuck AngEL<<<

Saturday, November 8, 2008

SeeD CaFe CraZe

Im going to Tell U What makes People Crazy..
What makes U crazy..?

U like Cake..?
What cake..?

This Cake...?

Let see who craze for the cake..

Hmm..1st candidate..

Looks like he smile to the cake..
what he's up to actually..? I wonder...

Ok..move on to 2nd candidate.
wow..i might think the cake shy when U stare her like that..

Nice...the 3rd candidate...

opps...have u done recite your DOA..?
Dont get to anxious with that cake..slowly..

Our last candidate...Ha...U dont seem to like the cake..
U smile at the camera..might this a candid camera..?

Aikk..what are U doing Bro...?
Craze for the cake...?

Ice Blended...
This is the expression..
I want some..

A hot chocolate...

It will make U feel warm..
just like this..urmmm..

Green tea..
I hate it..but not this girl..
this would tell U..

This One..
I dont know what she have in the cup..
U may ask her..

What if U have Pasta Cheese...
oh..just wish for more...
(eat with the hp)

What if U just it a calamari...?
face of this would be yours..
so tasty the food i think..

Just for FUN guyz...
see ya at The END of EXAM..

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Di balik sinar..

Mata Ku Pedih...

aku xde mood nk study..

Malas revise notes..

What A Day...empty emotion..

U had A Great Day..

U want to LaugH..

U wanT to CheeR..

Thats OK..

Take Me In..

It a Gud Way..

for mE to be happY..

to Let Go of StreSS..

to ForgeT the ProbLEms..

it Just HappiNesS..

SharE it wis Me..

_ _ _ _ _ _

U had A Bad Day..

U want To Cry..

U may cRy..

But Not In FronT of Me..

Not in FroNt of All PeOple..

Coz it Just Not Me..

I Hate Crying thingS..

It juSt a WeAkling Do..

Not in My DicTions..

I cant StOp U frOm Cry..

NeitheR ComforT U..

U may stOP..

Or Just Walk Away..

_ _ _ _ _

I'm really exhausted..
I'm really out of feels..
I'm really feel empty..

Just Leave Me..
for a While..
to inhale New Air..

Sunday, November 2, 2008

ConTinuing thE PrEcioUs MomenTo

keeps continuing n growing...

Let ALL the PolitiCians...
whO scattEred n TremBled...
wheN Hear The WordS..


We are thE New GeneraTion..
Of ThiS CountrY..


The Rain dRops..
the teArs FaLLing..
I seE Your Face..
iT keEps Me GoinG..

StoRm n ThunDer..
fiRe n heLL..
the Sun Burn Like Hel
teaR the Skins AparT..

We're the sTanding 5 GUYz

Frenz n Family..
Eat n DriNk..
ShakE hanDs n SmilEs..
ONE big PhOto..

JusT to LasT it FOREVER..

HurrIcan n TorNedo..
LifE n DeAth..
We waLk tHrouGh it..
to PlAy with TheM..

ThaTs How Life in GamBling..

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ReViSe SoMe MorE

On da dAy asleeP..
Awake in the niTe...

Diner wis FreNz..
FinisH alreAdy..

ReviSe Some..
ExaM noT Yet..

Wake Up From Bed..
Late in da MornIng..

Take A sHower..
ZohOr Pray CheCk..

StarVing StomACh..
MagGy KarI Filled It..


Past YeAr..
PetRology IgNeus..

TextuRe IgneUs..
IgnEus ClassIfIcaTions..

BasaLt Rock..
BasAlt TetRaheDron..

MagMas And VolcaNoeS..
AnDesite, RhYoLiTe, BasALt..

Lotz Of Zzzz...
MornInG n AfterNoon..

EveNing wiS McD..
biG Mac n FriEs..

BoreD LivE in HerE..
Just DriP of WateR..

Go Home by 7pm..
BusS n TrAin..

TonS of PeoplE..

MP3 to the SavE..


SchOOls for SibliNgs..
MamA to UPM..

BrkFst wis Mama..
Bank I gO..

BuY skooL shoes..
just For littLe Bro..


Tv Of Mummy returN..
LapTop in frOnt..

ReviSe N a MiLo..
GeoloGy StruCture..

DeforMatIon rockS..

StreSS n StraiN..
aCt noT to rOck than My HeaD..


(will be continued...)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

SabAr yeR..

aku terlupe nk citer psl konvoi raye abnormal club...
nt la lps exam ker..
xde pics lg...

WorTh Of LiFe


firstly...aku pelajar tahun 2 geology UM...
minat dlm bleh tergerak amik geologi..
(kaji bumi gitu)
this pic are my frenz..
b4 kitorg pi 1st fieldwork kt terengganu..

balik2 jer dh gelap kulit masing2..(jatuh saham)

2nd...tahun lps..2007/2008...
aku active la jugak join aktiviti kt kolej trsyg..KK4 UM...
aku join prospek..projek seminar pendidikan kebangsaan..
then aku join buat buku prospek..
tp aku la member plg mls skali..
x aktif dh lps result teruk..(PADAN MUKA) ...
pic ni adalah sebahagian member editor n penulis buku prospek 0809

ni ex-Boss aku..Abg NURI..

kacak yg trime aku jd ahli prospek dlu...

funny dh lama x jumpe..
dgr kate nk melawat 4th..betol ker...

skang dh jd cikgu..
kisah2 NOX x bleh citer..censored

4th.. ini wedding cake kami..
aku n NADIA..
nadia (means HOPE)..
mmg byk harapan..Kalau jd Pengetua 4th la n mcm2..

org bjiwa besar...account student..
no money no talk

aduh..underline ni camne nk buang..

ok..biar jela..

nie pic waktu kt KLCC...

ada Pc fair lepak2 jer...

anak muda moden...

tp jurukamera x masuk...
Abg Acap..
my rumate..jap ek..ada nt psl die..
pic kiri (shamim),baju coklat(zaffy)..yg len korg dh knal kn...

6th..this is my rumate..
senior 4th..die ckp die gangster..
blog die mmg rugby katanyer...
Abg Acap..single katanyer..

kne gak grade tahun nie..

Botak?? hehehe..jgn gelak..

mcm2 style rambut die dh test..

ramai gurl ckp die cute.. lesung pipit die la kot..
jap sorg lg rumate mane yer...

ha jumpe pon..tue die...
hafiz singapore.. rajin punyer study..
best T aswad..dlu best T zaffy..

single mingle ker..tanyer die sndiri..

ha..tu abg acap ada x..dua2 same nakal..
ha..kami ada rumate baru..nk taw sape? Tunggu...

6th dah la die abnormal club..

nk join dftr dgn abg acap..
dua comey tu..zaffy n nadine..
sarawkians...geologists too..

pic ni kt blkg library UM kul 5 pg kot..

itu la kali terakhir kami wat keje giler nie..
precious thing comes once only.. i think..

Ha..dlm pic nie
sape rumate baru kami??
orang nyer selalu lepak bilik..ketuk2 bilik..
suke dtg mkn kt bilik kami..
tgk muvie marathon la...pastu terlentok kt citu gak..
org kuat kolej...bakal cikgu...
" tue nk exam..jgn asek nk kuar pi mid (midvalley) jer.."

Ha...Shukor sudin nama nyer..
ok la guyz..
aku sudah ngantok..jam pon dh kul 4pg..
rumate2 jgn lupe subuh yer..shukor pon..kejut aswad tue subuh..

(comment la blog nie klu nk tambah or nk aku citer ttg diri korg)
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