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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ReViSe SoMe MorE

On da dAy asleeP..
Awake in the niTe...

Diner wis FreNz..
FinisH alreAdy..

ReviSe Some..
ExaM noT Yet..

Wake Up From Bed..
Late in da MornIng..

Take A sHower..
ZohOr Pray CheCk..

StarVing StomACh..
MagGy KarI Filled It..


Past YeAr..
PetRology IgNeus..

TextuRe IgneUs..
IgnEus ClassIfIcaTions..

BasaLt Rock..
BasAlt TetRaheDron..

MagMas And VolcaNoeS..
AnDesite, RhYoLiTe, BasALt..

Lotz Of Zzzz...
MornInG n AfterNoon..

EveNing wiS McD..
biG Mac n FriEs..

BoreD LivE in HerE..
Just DriP of WateR..

Go Home by 7pm..
BusS n TrAin..

TonS of PeoplE..

MP3 to the SavE..


SchOOls for SibliNgs..
MamA to UPM..

BrkFst wis Mama..
Bank I gO..

BuY skooL shoes..
just For littLe Bro..


Tv Of Mummy returN..
LapTop in frOnt..

ReviSe N a MiLo..
GeoloGy StruCture..

DeforMatIon rockS..

StreSS n StraiN..
aCt noT to rOck than My HeaD..


(will be continued...)

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