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Saturday, November 15, 2008

ThiNk The OppoSitE...It MighT HeLp

I Wish..

I wish means:wouldn't it be nice if...
If U always make the right decision,the safe decision,the one most people make,you will be the same as everyone else.
Always wishing life was different.

I Want..

I want means: if i want it enough i will get it.

Getting what you want means making the decisions you need to make to get what you want.
Not the decision those around you think you should make.
The unsafe decision causes you to think and respond in away you hadn't thoughts of.
And that thoughts will lead you to other thoughts which will help you achieve what you want.


You cant afford the house of your dreams.
That's why it is the house of your dreams.
So either find a way of getting it,or be satisfied with dissatisfaction.

Decisions x3..

When you look back there will be things yo will regret.
You made the wrong decision.
You made the right decision.
Life is about decisions.
Whatever decision you make is the only one you could make.
Otherwise you would make a different one.
Everything we do we choose.
So what there is to regret?
You are the person you choose to be.

Do it, Then fix it as you Go...

Too many people spend too much time trying to perfect something before they actually do it.
Instead of waiting for perfection,run with what you've got, and fix it as you go.

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  1. correction di sini en aqil:

    source: buku whatever you think, think the opposite ye..bkn 'what you think, think the opposite..
    blh kene sue ni..hahahaha


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