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Thursday, November 6, 2008

What A Day...empty emotion..

U had A Great Day..

U want to LaugH..

U wanT to CheeR..

Thats OK..

Take Me In..

It a Gud Way..

for mE to be happY..

to Let Go of StreSS..

to ForgeT the ProbLEms..

it Just HappiNesS..

SharE it wis Me..

_ _ _ _ _ _

U had A Bad Day..

U want To Cry..

U may cRy..

But Not In FronT of Me..

Not in FroNt of All PeOple..

Coz it Just Not Me..

I Hate Crying thingS..

It juSt a WeAkling Do..

Not in My DicTions..

I cant StOp U frOm Cry..

NeitheR ComforT U..

U may stOP..

Or Just Walk Away..

_ _ _ _ _

I'm really exhausted..
I'm really out of feels..
I'm really feel empty..

Just Leave Me..
for a While..
to inhale New Air..

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